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Words of Encouragement

Recording 'Come Away with Me'

Feb 17, 2011

Collage of photos of Janice recording her songs

God loves to encourage us.

Janice arrived at the recording studio not knowing what was going to happen and how Jules wanted her to sing her song (Come Away With Me). This was the first time she had ever been in a recording studio and didn’t know what was required. Jules had asked Sam Burton to come and play for Janice. Neither Janice nor Sam had met before. Talk about throw you in the deep end, When it came time to do her song Jules said to everyone, "We will go and have a coffee and come back in twenty to thirty minutes to start recording." PANIC !!!!

At that moment Janice was having some very meaningful conversations with God. "HELPPP! OK you told me you loved me and that all I had to do was open my mouth and you would fill it. Now this is your moment God stick to your half and I’ll do mine. One other thing, how do I tell Sam what sounds to play and how to arrange it, remember he has never heard the song before let along played it. Oh, there is one other thing, we only have twenty to thirty minutes to get it right." The time went by so quickly, too quickly, everyone was back and all eyes were on Janice. Janice went to sing and it was not good she was so nervous, everyone was making all these suggestions on how she could sing it, and then at that moment she said "No this is how I want it!"

Starting to get a little discouraged she said once more, "Holy Spirit you are our helper here on earth God said all I had to do was open my mouth and he would fill it, a little help would go a long way right now thank you God." At that moment the anointing came Janice started to sing and they did it in one take.

Everyone just stood in the recording booth with their mouths open. They just said WOW! The anointing was so strong on Janice at that moment. Janice truly believes that it was the anointing that gave it the WOW. Thank you Lord. The very next day Janice nearly lost her voice, it was a struggle to sing back-up vocals on the other songs for Jules. Gods timing is perfect and so are his miracles.

Heart Moon

Feb 1, 2011

photo of a heart-shaped hedgephoto of the moon as a Heart

This is a story from Janice’s heart, to all those who are struggling, and are broken-hearted, be encouraged and remember you are loved.

In 2010 staying out by the beach, Janice had been seeking the Lord for answers. One of her next assignments she felt God was wanting her to do was to write love songs, not just for the church but all those how where lost, and in despite need of Gods love. She knew that talking and praying to the Lord that he would answer her prayers, but this time she said, "Sometimes I wish you could just talk back to me and tell me what you want me to do!" There were many things at this time that were weighing her down and crushing her heart.

She felt the Lord wanted her to go for a walk on the beach, so off she went with Joelle her daughter. It was 9.30 on a moonlit night, the evening was so lovely and the moon was reflecting in the water. Janice had her camera with her and she felt God say zoom in on the moon, so she did and when she looked at the picture, the moon had been captured in the shape of a heart. Isn’t our Lord so amazing, He cares, he loves, he encourages, and he never leaves you alone. A few days later on her journey home she called in at her cousins and in his garden he keeps a little shrub trimmed in the shape of a heart. By these two acts of love God had confirmed his love, and what he wanted her to do.