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photo of Janice Martin

From as early as Janice can remember she only ever wanted to worship the Lord and sing love songs to Him. She loves to sing with great passion.

As a girl, one day on the hills of her parent’s sheep and cattle farm, Janice was worshipping the Lord and had an amazing encounter. In a vision she was taken up and looking down on a sea of faces. As she sang and worshiped the Lord, people were healed, set free and delivered. God’s love just pulsated through her body, love that was so pure, amazing, true and undefiled. It was so beautiful, love for the broken, hurting and lost. This was life changing for Janice in her spirit and heart. From that day on, a fire burnt within her spirit for the lost souls.

Janice was brought up with Christian parents that loved and helped many people. At the age of twelve she was baptized in the Holy Spirit, because she knew she needed God’s strength and spiritual help to get through her teenage years. As lots of farm chores were done by the children, there was no time for a girl with her God given visions.

When Janice was nineteen she married Peter. Early in her married life Janice started learning piano for the first time. Being partly dyslexic causes a lot of problems when one is learning piano but still, there was boldness and a faith that kept pushing her forward. She has been working along side her Peter in their local church for many years, faithfully filling the gaps and doing what ever they were asked to do.

A friend encouraged Janice to go for her dream and vision, and go to the “Elkanah School of Music” which Jules Riding used to run on Great Barrier Island. As part of the course she had to write songs and do some written assignments. While writing the song “Come Away with Me” she had a vision of Jesus calling her to Himself. Jules recognized that Janice had a powerful anointing and a unique gift for singing the song of the Lord and prophetic words. Janice was asked to record her song “Come Away with Me” on Jules’ new C.D. She also started teaching on the anointing, prophetic worship, and the Song of the Lord all which are very dear to Janice’s heart.

God has encouraged Janice to step out in faith and trust Him, to just speak and he would fill her month. Everything Janice does she gives glory to the Lord and sees her life as a miracle because of how sick she has been and all her other struggles. In the years that followed Janice did what God asked her to do, and completed every challenge that was asked of her.

  • - Janice recorded “Come Away with Me” on Jules C.D. in one take, which was a miracle. Check Words of Encouragement for the recording story.

  • - She was on staff at Jules' Schools teaching on Anointing, Song of the Lord, teaching worship with chord progressions, Prophetic Worship, Voice training, and simple keyboard technique.

  • - Janice went on tour with Jules and his team to promote the new CD releases.

  • - When Jules had a sabbatical, she went around ministering for Jules and selling his C.D’s.

  • - Janice has presented concerts, preached, worship led, taken youth nights and Children’s Church services, led worship seminars, prayed and prophesied over people, prayed and ministered one to one with people for inner healing, and prayed for people that were delivered, healed and saved.

  • - She has written her own songs and recorded her own worship C.D. “Gems from Heaven“

Janice had just finished her C.D, then a few months she had a head injury and that stopped her from ministering for a while. About this time Janice’s Mum suffered an illness that progressed to cancer. With her Mum now hospitalized Janice had to work with her family to help provide part-time day care for her Dad who suffered from Alzheimer’s. As he was no longer able to care for himself he had to be placed in a special unit for Alzheimer patients. (He only had meals and slept there, family did the rest). Finally her Mum passed away followed by her Dad who died three months later from a broken heart.

In recent months Janice helped Jules on his new C.D. “Cataclysm” and been on tour with Jules and his team.