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This is the home of Jem Ministries. Founded by Janice Martin, and her family, Janice makes music to share a very personal message, one of God’s love. She does this through her songs and stories, encouraging people to come into a closer relationship with the Lord.

Through this site you can find out more about JEM Ministries’ music, have a look at Janice's Albums. You can make an Order for an album directly here online.

Words of Encouragement is where Janice shares her stories and little words of wisdom and love. She is also available for Ministry, so if you want to find out what she can offer see her Ministry or just Get in Contact.

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“The joy of the Lord is your strength...”

Nehemiah Ch 8:10



Philippines Jan, Feb 2015.


One woman, the Directress of the Lord Reigns Academy, Mdm. Loyda Rita Biag is praying for revival in Ramon, Isabela many months ago, then when Janice became the lecturer at the school last February 4, God poured out His Spirit to the pupils in the elementary, as young as they are, 7 - 11 yrs old God baptized in the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues, wonderful! Even the high school students were slained and speak in tongues. That is the answer of the prayer of that woman! That's great!

Report by Janice,
When I went back a few days later to the School, a little girl came running up to me and said remember me? I’m the little girl who Jesus hugged. After Jesus hugged the little girl that is when the Holy Spirit poured out his Spirit on the Children and for two hours after that row after row of children we prayed for went down under the Power of God, lots coming up speaking in tongues.



One pastor who attended the worship seminar at Ambatali, Ramon Isabela, is taking video during Janice is lecturing. While taking the video, he remembered that previous months God gave him a vision, that a woman will come and teach about worship. Then he approach Janice and tell her about his vision.

The owner of the Prayer for the Nation Building, Roxas, Isabela, Mrs. Linda Espejo has a vision long ago that time will come, a woman teaching about worship will come to that building she erected. Then Mrs. Linda Espejo remembered that vision when she saw sis Janice teaching praise and worship.


My name is Annabelle P.Noah.. 40 yrs old from Laguna Philippines..
God was so wonderful, I have seen his move so powerful when Sister Janice martin was ministering to the people. I was with her, her guide to some churches when she visited her inPhilippines..
I was so amazed and it lift my spirit up when i saw different responses of the people.. even unbeliever turn to receive Christ as she ministers..In different occasion, in two churches the program supposed to end at 9 pm but we ended at 12:30.. I saw people in four corner of the church.. most are on the floor because of the strong anointing that even me i cant control my self.. My whole body shakes.. As sister janice starts to sing thats all, the move of the Holy Spirit starts to occupy the whole place..In other church even children that never prayed in tongues by the time she touched them, they began to speak in tongues.. So powerful.. God was so great and so amazing..
I keep on praying from that day that she will come back in my country and be a blessing to my countrymen..
All the praises and honor i gave back to God for bringing sister Janice in Philippines..


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Hi Janice, Can you believe that we have been friends for over twenty years and we lost touch when I left the district. God has so used you in our lives in a mighty way. My now husband and I gave our hearts to the Lord in June 2010 and then we got married in Dec 2010 after living together for 16 years.

We invited you to sing for us at our wedding and you not only graciously accepted, you also wrote us a song with words that we had wanted to say to each other and to God. There was not a dry eye in the service that included my non Christian family and also our church family.

I also got your CD "Gems from Heaven" and that has been instrumental in drawing one of our sons to the Lord so much so that he gave his life to God. Isn’t God wonderful when we give it all over to him? What a blessing it is to be your friend Janice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. "What a mighty God we serve"

- Sue and Mike Atkinson

I give thanks to God for you, as once again when you were worship leading and using your prophetic gift you have, there was a powerful anointing. Also I want to thank you for the privilege I’ve had of being able to work alongside you; for the unique way you pray for people to bring deliverance, healing and inner healing.

God Bless you.

- Julie

I really appreciate your Ministering and Preaching.

You are willing share of you about pain and suffering on a level that we can relate and connect with, even though different from our own. I appreciate that you are transparent, down to earth and real. It allows us to start our own healing process because you speak from the heart. You have the ability to connect at a heart level. I also love the way you worship lead, it is very powerful, and you have a unique gift to bring a bit of heaven down to earth.

More power to you!!!

- Renee

The Holy Spirit fills the place whenever you minister or worship lead Janice. God uses the talents and gifts we have for people to receive God’s Word and love, and through your music ministry many lives, including mine have been blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your dedication in your work for the Lord.

- Sue Smith

I am delighted to give my recommendation for Janice Martin. We invited her to the Russell Baptist Church for a weekend seminar on worship. This covered aspects of her testimony, attitudes to worship and chord progression in song to help the worship team flow into free praise to Our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. As I was unable to be present at the Saturday sessions I have included testimonies and recommendations from those present.

The results, that I have seen in the worship team is greater enthusiasm for song in worship, an enthusiasm to lead the congregation into the throne room of God, to be able to be still in the presence of the Lord and to hear His voice. Janice also ministered to myself and others in prayer. This was very successful and long time bondages have been broken in peoples’ lives by the power of God.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact me.

- Ruth McGee, Pastor – Russell Baptist Church

Janice Martin came to teach and minister at the Russell Baptist Church. This included taking the music team through chord progressions that bring different anointing of the Holy Spirit. As a music leader, I found her teaching to be biblically sound, her expression and love of our Lord genuine and her singing ability incredible! As a music team we learned how to use our songs with the appropriate chord progressions to bring the congregation to that special place to meet with the Lord, so that we can become more intimate with Him.

Janice also spent a good part of the week ministering in prayer and deliverance. My husband and I both separately and together received ministry through her unique gift of prayer and deliverance. Her unobtrusive manner and waiting on the Holy Spirit allowed us to open our hearts to receive healing and freedom from the Lord. I personally have a renewed joy and hope because of her willingness and obedience to serve the Lord in this way. I have noticed a change in my husband and a gentleness which can only come from Lord through His grace and of setting people free.

I recommend Janice as an itinerant minister and I pray the Lord opens doors for her and blesses and uses her mightily!

- Rachel Birch